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    It’s the “PHOTOGRAPHER”, who reaches the soul of the Object and Subject, with his emotional eye through effective angle under tranquil light to capture all the beauty within, with complete honesty. Technology is just the facility and not a skill.

    Girish Patil believes that everything on this earth created by God is beautiful; one has to see it from those eyes and the responsibility is shouldered on PHOTOGRAPHER. Camera captures the “TRUTH” it never “LIES”.

    Girish Patil has developed this professionally matured philosophy over a period of 25 years of creative experience. He started his career with box camera. In his early days he started with film press photography, later advertising photography, being passionate about photography he was always inclined towards conceptual photography and that’s his forte.

    During his career tenure, he has worked with most of the senior and recent film personalities, reputed advertising agencies, successful creative directors, Corporate and Consumer Clients. Girish Patil feels honored being appreciated with by every personality he worked with.

    Today, he is respected being a successful professional photographer and credits his success to his passion towards photography for which he always went beyond extreme, breaking barriers of camera limitation.

    His recent work has incredible appreciable in photography of Consumer or Industrial Products , Jewelry, fresh and cooked Food and industrial photography, etc.

    He has benchmarked specialize panoramic technique in Interior & architecture photography.

    He has skilled in making the “VERY COMMON” present “VERY SPECIAL”